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    New leading of AGV navigation mode laser slam navigation AGV

    TIME:2020-06-16Author:Quick Robot

    Compared with other equipment commonly used in material transportation, AGV's active area does not need to lay track, support frame and other fixed devices, which is less affected by the site, road and space. Therefore, in the automatic logistics system, it can fully reflect its automaticity and flexibility, and realize efficient, economic and flexible unmanned production.

    At present, AGV navigation methods widely used in the market mainly include magnetic stripe navigation, two-dimensional code navigation, laser navigation and so on. But at present, only the traditional magnetic stripe, two-dimensional code and the new laser navigation are really mature and large-scale applications.


      Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of several mainstream navigation methods

      1. Magnetic stripe navigation

      Advantages: AGV positioning accuracy, path laying, change or expansion relative to electromagnetic navigation easier, lower cost

      Disadvantages: AGV car intelligently walks according to the magnetic stripe, unable to change the task, and the magnetic stripe is easy to be damaged, requiring regular maintenance


      2. QR code navigation

      Advantages: accurate positioning, small and flexible, easy to lay and change path, easy to control communication, no interference to sound and light

      Disadvantages: the path needs to be maintained regularly. If the site is complex, the QR code needs to be changed frequently


      3. Laser slam navigation

      Advantages: flexible path planning, accurate positioning, flexible and changeable driving path, convenient construction and multiple environments

      Disadvantages: relatively high priceregular maintenance


      With the development of SLAM algorithm, slam has become an advanced navigation mode preferred by many AGV manufacturers. Slam mode does not need other positioning facilities, and its formal path is flexible and changeable, which can adapt to a variety of field environments. It is believed that with the maturity of the algorithm and the compression of the hardware cost, slam will undoubtedly become the mainstream navigation mode of AGV in the future.

      Multisensor fusion is the research trend of slam 3D stereo vision. Kuaijie intelligent AGV is precisely equipped with slam technology, with a depth error of up to 10 cm. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor, dark and other complex environments, and can easily avoid obstacles, navigate and drive automatically.

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