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    AGV case | roller type AGV to achieve production line docking

    TIME:2020-06-08Author:Quick Robot

    A clothing and textile production company needs to connect two production lines. As the distance between the two production lines is long, it will take up a lot of space to set up a flowing production line. Through human transport will reduce the level of workshop automation, reduce production efficiency. Based on the situation in the workshop, the customer considered a flexible and efficient mobile robot solution to realize production line docking.

    According to the field situation, Express robot provides the company with roller AGV intelligent truck. Under the supervision of the computer, according to the path planning and operation requirements, the car can walk more accurately and park to the designated place to complete a series of operation functions.


      In this solution, the docking of MES system by unified resource scheduling system, and in the warehouse materials development and production line is equipped with a call box, when artificial station transport demand, through the call box calls, scheduling system will respond immediately, by roller drum of AGV robot complete warehouse and production line to the workshop production line, material handling.


          Equipped with laser protection sensor and mechanical anti-collision, the workshop staff can avoid conflicts with the robot when they walk back and forth on the robot running line. The workshop has a large space and many working stations. An effective unified resource scheduling system is deployed to schedule the mobile robot to ensure the supply of raw materials for each working station

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