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    Application of outdoor heavy-duty AGV in water conservancy industry

    TIME:2020-06-02Author:Quick Robot

      In order to maintain ecological balance, the fish should be transported from the transfer chamber to the upstream release platform for the whole live transport. Suzhou express has rich experience in the field of heavy-duty AGV. It specializes in developing the heavy-duty AGV intelligent vehicle for outdoor transportation of large fish boxes. The AGV heavy-duty vehicle has a load of 4 tons and a transportation distance of about 2km. In the open air environment along the highway smooth operation, with moistureproof, waterproof fog characteristics.


    Heavy-duty AGV fish transport vehicle, the transport starting point is located in the transfer room, the terminal point is located in the upstream fish release platform. Fully automatic control system, wireless remote control and computer program control are adopted to monitor the whole process by video.

    Heavy-duty AGV USES high-power motor + high-density battery as the power source to provide a strong and lasting power, so that large material handling noise. While satisfying the reliability and safety of normal operation, there is no abnormal sound, vibration and odor in the operation process, and the temperature rise meets the standard. Due to the particularity of outdoor operation, it is equipped with perfect safety protection device.


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