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    About laser SLAM forklift AGV

    TIME:2020-05-27Author:Quick Robot



    At present, the logistics transportation equipment industry is developing the application of electric, new energy forklift and AGV technology products. Under the guidance of the general environment trend of "made in China 2025", smart logistics, intelligent equipment and green development have become the new development vane of the industry. Fast and conform to the trend of development of robot with laser automatic SLAM forklift, stacker, AGV custom cars and other products, in the field of intelligent AGV, and quick to provide clients with more comprehensive scheme of AGV robot, and gradually to the AGV integration development, make AGV supply efficiency get bigger, delivery cycle short, the stability of the body, safe and reliable, the advantages of the docking system more simple and easy, let users get more high quality service process, achieving high returns.

    Laser unmanned forklift adopts laser SLAM navigation technology, which can operate at a speed of 60 m/min, and supports multiple unmanned forklifts to work together. With powerful visual navigation technology, it is suitable for various complex scenarios such as warehousing and manufacturing industry. It is easy to deploy and easy to use, which is a model of cost-effective unmanned forklift system.


    Support large-scale map docking, adapt to large scene cargo handling, and support indoor and outdoor operation;

    Support high-precision butt joint, use fusion positioning technology, can support +-20mm production line butt joint;

    Good expansibility, support cloud architecture mode, any place can control the robot operation;

    Easy to use, support a variety of mobile terminal configuration;

    Good user extension interface, support WMS, MES automatic docking.

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