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    Latent traction agvs help intelligent production of auto parts

    TIME:2020-05-22Author:Quick Robot

      The automobile industry is the most mature field of AGV application and also one of the biggest markets of AGV. With the arrival of the industry 4.0 era and the increase of labor costs year by year, the automobile manufacturing industry has encountered many pain points and is facing the intelligent reform. Accelerating at the same time, the production rhythm, small batch and many varieties, personalized car parts demand, makes the traditional automobile manufacture factory is difficult to meet demand, but the upgrade production line needs a lot of time, the demand is higher, the reliability of the production line and manufacturing factory intelligent control has become a very challenging problem, intelligent transportation is one of the most important.

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     A large enterprise in ningbo is an auto parts manufacturer. The frequent logistics operation consumes a lot of manpower and is inefficient. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the level of workshop automation. According to the customer's situation, fast robot provides intelligent handling solutions. The use of natural navigation based on the one-way latent traction AGV car, to help the enterprise to achieve logistics automation between the warehouse and the production line.


      One - way latent traction AGV

      1. Performed the optimal task allocation and path planning for AGV, and finally completed the material transportation between the production line and the storage location;

      2. When the AGV power is low and normal operation is not affected, the scheduling system will dispatch the robot to the designated charging pile for charging, so as to ensure that the workshop logistics will never be interrupted;

      3, compact structure, flexible walking, traction capacity can reach more than 1 ton, widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry.

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