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    Fork plate lifting AGV car

    TIME:2020-05-11Author:Quick Robot

    Intelligent AGV vehicles are widely used in the field of warehousing and logistics. Thousands of AGV robots, through continuous technological innovation, have effectively improved operational efficiency and reduced labor costs and operational risks. The rapid warehousing and logistics robot (kiva-like AGV van), with a shipping disc on top, can carry about 1,000 kg of goods, while the larger model can carry up to 2,000 kg and can move goods through the warehouse at a speed of 1.3 meters per second.


    Storage and logistics robot 

    ? 首次研發叉板式AGV 


    Kuaijie robot cooperates with the third party inspection institutions listed on the market to customize the fork plate lifting AGV suitable for simple three-dimensional warehouse. Based on the company's flagship product -- bumblebee, a 3-meter-high lifting fork board is set at the top, and the highest height is 2.6 meters for picking goods in a simple three-dimensional warehouse.

    1.Accept task command

    Differential operation: the travel path of the fork plate lifting AGV is calculated by the software, which can realize the movement function in any direction in the two-dimensional plane, including the omnidirectional movement form of straight line, arbitrary curve movement, small turning radius turning and so on.

    2.Automatic feeding   

    Lifting function: lifting function can be realized within the height range of 2.6 meters, carrying capacity of 50kg, which can be changed according to the actual demand;

    3. Automatic feeding  

    Navigation system: it has the function of automatic guidance according to the planned path, which can be realized by two-dimensional code and magnetic stripe SLAM navigation.


    Battery life: maintenance-free battery drive, built-in charging system, single charging time is less than 1h, equipment continuous walking time ≥4h;

    Automatic charging: it has the function of charging to the charging level automatically after the electric quantity is lower than the set value during working hours. After the charging is completed, it will be put on line automatically. During non-working hours, it will be charged to the charging level automatically.

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