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    The mechanical structure of industrial robots

    TIME:2020-03-18Author:Quick Robot

    Since the birth of industrial robots, its strong vitality is obvious to all. Industrial robots have been widely used in various fields, bringing a qualitative leap for traditional industries. Industrial robots not only improve the degree of intelligent automation in traditional manufacturing industry, but also greatly improve labor productivity and reduce environmental pollution, which has made a great contribution to the cause of environmental protection.

    With the progress of domestic industrial robot technology, the main fields of application are: electronic engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer technology, cybernetics, sensing technology, informatics, advanced education and artificial intelligence.

    Industrial robots are divided into general robots and intelligent robots. General robots only have general transformation capabilities and operation functions, and there is no unified definition of intelligent robots. Experts believe that intelligent robots have at least three elements: feeling, movement and thinking. Robotics is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive technology, whose research, development and application involve dynamics, mechanics, mechanical design, sensing technology, electrical and hydraulic drive, computer science, artificial intelligence and bionics.


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