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    Logistics AGV

    Warehouse logistics robot - bumblebee

    Based on the inertial two-dimensional code navigation technology, combined with the ground two-dimensional code landmark auxiliary positioning, to achieve automatic distribution of storage materials

    Intelligent control system to achieve multi-vehicle scheduling, and ERP, MES, WMS system docking

    Multiple safety sensors protect AGV operation

    Display the operation terminal to view the running status of AGV, so as to facilitate the fault diagnosis of customers

    No load of 120m/min, full load of 80m/min

    Derivative products: magnetic navigation bumblebee robot, etc



      Product modelKJ100CC
      Control modeKuai Jie intelligent motion control system
      Navigation modeQr code navigation
      Driving modeDifferential drive
      Walking directionForward, rotate 90°, 180°
      Communication modeWiFi network
      Driving power supplyDC24V/DC48V
      Load capacity500kg,Customizable
      Loading modeLatent lifting
      Walking speed0—120m/min
      Turning radiusSpin around
      Navigation accuracy+ 20mm
      Stopping precision±10mm
      Working hours24hours
      Climbing ability≤3°
      Charging modeAutomatic charging
      Power supply batteryLithium battery
      Alarm modeWarning lights
     Protection modeLaser protection sensor 
     Protection scopeWithin 3 meters, adjustable
     Application environmentTemperature 0-50 degrees, humidity 40-80%
     Service life>90000hours

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