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    Application field of AGV car

    TIME:2019-12-21Author:Quick Robot

    The AGV car, a fast robot and a logistics sorting robot, is escorting the sorting of the double 11.

    Rapid automation in different forms of three-dimensional storage and cross sorting belt is also contributing to the warehouse sorting of double 11.

    AGV car was first used in the storage industry and developed in the field of automobile production. Now it is widely used in automobile, home appliance electronics, tobacco, clothing textile, medicine, food, chemical industry, power, port, e-commerce storage and other industries. From the perspective of AGC sales volume, the automobile industry accounts for more than 60%, and the household appliance manufacturing industry accounts for about 25%. Among them, the application of 3C industry has increased steadily compared with last year, and the use and promotion of robots in 3C industry is in the embryonic stage. In addition, it needs to be emphasized that the rapid development of logistics intelligence in e-commerce express industry has led to the rise and a large number of applications of storage AGV intelligent handling robots.

    Among these methods, AGV car with magnetic guidance is the most widely used, and its technology is relatively mature. Among them, the application of laser guided AGV is growing rapidly. Because the laser guided AGV without reflector is more flexible and convenient than the magnetic guided AGV, it is expected to surpass the magnetic guided AGV to become the most widely used. At present, inertial guided AGV car is the most widely used AGV guidance technology in e-commerce storage. Compound guidance refers to the combination of multiple guidance technology to achieve the perfect guidance of AGV car. Because each guidance method has its limitations, in order to meet the needs, the above guidance methods can be used in combination.

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