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    Technical support

    Kuaijie  set up a huge research and development center in Beijing, by the Beijing institute of technology professor ma youming as the chief expert, the team of 25 r & d staff, 5 doctors, 10 graduate students. Quick intelligence actively connects the resources of various colleges and universities, prepares for the establishment of the enterprise's training base, improves the application of technology, unites with the academy of sciences, explores new technology, and studies the feasibility of product transformation. In order to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing and robot industry,

    Quick intelligent for customers to provide fast professional service support. Quick intelligence has a team of skilled and experienced senior engineers who can provide 7 x 2 4 hours of after-sales support and customized services based on the specific needs of customers.

    High quality service comes from people's working attitude, quick intelligent enterprises in the improvement of the system at the same time, pay more attention to the construction of marketing team. In recent years, we have been committed to creating a marketing service team that can be praised by customers and bring the enterprise into sustainable development, so as to better achieve the service objectives of the enterprise and improve the efficiency and satisfaction of customer service. The company has a first-class marketing and service team, committed to providing timely, professional, comprehensive consulting and services for global customers, the marketing team adhering to the "customer-oriented, intimate service; Meet and exceed customer expectations "service concept. With high quality products, excellent reputation, first-class service, to achieve the win-win development goals of customers and themselves.

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