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    Several important links about the flow line

    In recent years, with the continuous development of the transportation industry, the pipeline conveyor embo…


    Category and characteristics of warehousing and logistics robot

    Warehouse logistics robot belongs to the category of industrial robot, which refers to the application in t…


    Product features of collaborative robots

    Collaborative robots can safely interact directly with humans. Unlike traditional industrial robots, collab…


    The mechanical structure of industrial robots

    Since the birth of industrial robots, its strong vitality is obvious to all. Industrial robots have been wi…


    Key technology and difficulty analysis of AGV

    (1) Guidance and positioning technology. As the core part of AGV technology research, the quality of guidan…


    Application field of AGV car

    The AGV car, a fast robot and a logistics sorting robot, is escorting the sorting of the double 11.Rapid au…

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