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    Product center


    Based on the magnetic navigation technology, the automatic distribution of PCB frame …詳情

    Carry the AGV

    Based on the magnetic navigation, two-dimensional code navigation, SLAM navigation la…詳情

    Warehouse logistics robot - bumblebee

    Based on the inertial two-dimensional code navigation technology, combined with the g…詳情

    Shouldered drum AGV

    Based on the magnetic navigation technology, combined with the ground RFID function l…詳情

    • SMT AGV
    • Carry the AGV
    • Warehouse logistics robot - bumblebee
    • Shouldered drum AGV
    • Back tray AGV
    • Two-way latent traction AGV
    • Trailed AGV
    • Unidirectional latent traction AGV


    Company Profile

    Suzhou Kuai Jie intelligent technology co., LTD., founded in April 2004, is located in mutu town, wuzhong district, suzhou city, through nearly 20 years of rapid development, has become a high-tech enterprise in jiangsu province, and has won a number of national invention and patent certificates, is one of the automation equipm… mone


    R & D capabilities

    Kuaijie set up a huge research and development center in Beijing, by the Beijing institute of technology professor ma youming as the chief expert, the team of 25 r & d staff, 5 doctors, 10 graduate students. Quick intelligen… mone>

    • Beijing R & D Center expert

      25 / People
    • Suzhou Headquarter R & D Center expert

      60 / People
    • Master of science in undergraduate course

      120 / People



    • Company News
    • Industry Dynamics

    Rong Deming, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and executive deputy district head, led a team to investigate Suzhou express intelligence

    November 6thRong Deming, member of the Standing Committee and executive vice president of the D…


    Application of laser navigation AGV carrier in ship industry

    Laser guided AGV without reflector adopts advanced slam robot positioning technology, and sets …


    Kuaijie AGV unmanned truck helps improve the internal logistics of the factory

    A company is the world's leading manufacturer of wheels, structural plastics and aluminum casti…


    Several important links about the flow line

    In recent years, with the continuous development of the transportation industry, the pipeline c…


    Category and characteristics of warehousing and logistics robot

    Warehouse logistics robot belongs to the category of industrial robot, which refers to the appl…


    Product features of collaborative robots

    Collaborative robots can safely interact directly with humans. Unlike traditional industrial ro…




    Contact us

    contact us

    Building 1, Xijiantang industrial community, No. 100 Jinchang road, Mudu town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou
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