EMC Unisphere - Next generation storage management that provides single and simple interface for both current and future clariion and celerra series. Unisphere provides capability to integrate other element manager and provides built in support tool, software download and live chat etc. Note :-  Unisphere features will be available in Q3 2010:

Check out demo about EMC Unisphere, presented by Bob Abraham :


• Task-based navigation and controls offer an intuitive, context-based approach to configuring storage, creating replicas, monitoring the environment, managing host connections, and accessing the Unisphere Support ecosystem.

Self-service Unisphere support ecosystem is accessible with 1-click from Unisphere, providing users with quick access to “real-time” support tools including live chat support, software downloads, product documentation, best practices, FAQs, online customer communities, ordering spares, and submitting service requests.

• Customizable dashboard views and reporting capabilities enable at-a-glance management by automatically presenting end-users with valuable information in context of how they manage storage. For example, customers can develop custom reports 18x faster with EMC Unisphere.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. How will this be different than ECC

  3. Marlon Says:
  4. Hi everyone! This is a really good discussion on different unified storage options. It looks like a lot of you are EMC fans already. For those who don’t know EMC’s solutions as well, I think this paper will help you see that they’ve got some really great options. And check out the new guarantee: with EMC’s unified storage systems you’ll use 20% less raw storage capacity than with other products. That means efficiency and cost savings for your company. http://bit.ly/ao57rm

    -- Marlon, EMC Social Outreach Team

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. This is great product. ECC is whole load of crap.

    --push bhatkoti

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Always be a Netapp house here.
    Far better product and integration with VMWare.

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Considering EMC and VMWare are the same company, that's a pretty stupid statement.

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