A multipath requirement for different storage arrays:-
All storage arrays: - Write cache must be disabled if not battery backed.
Topology: - No single failure should cause both HBA and SP failover, especially with active-passive storage arrays.

IBM TotalStorage DS 400 Family (formely FastT) –

Defaul host type must be LNXCL or Host Type must be LNXCL or
AVT (Auto Volume Transfer) is disabled in this host mode.

HDS 99xx and 95xx family – HDS 9500V family (Thunder)- Requires two host modes:
Host mode 1 – standard
Host mode 2 – Sun Cluster
HDS 99xx family Lightning and HDS Tamba USP requires host mode set to Netware.

EMC Symmetrix :- Enable the SPC2 and SC3 settings.

EMC CLARiiON – All initiator records must have

- Fail-over Mode = 1
- Initiator Type = “CLARiiON Open”
- Array CommPath = “Enabled” or 1

HP EVA :- For EVA3000/5000 firmware 4.001 and above and EVA 4000/6000/8000 firmware 5.031 and above, set the host type to VMWare. Otherwise, set the host mode type to custom. The value is :
EVA3000/5000 firmware 3.x: 000000002200282E
EVA4000/6000/8000: 000000202200083E

HP XP:- For XP 128/1024/10000/12000, the host mode should be set to 0C (Windows), that is, zeroC (Windows).

NetApp :- No specific requirements

ESX Server Configuration :- Set the following Advanced Settings for the ESX Server host:-

Set Disk.UseLunReset to 1
Set Disk.UseDeviceReset to 0
A multipathing policy of Most Recently Used must be set for all LUNs hosting clustered disks for active-passive arrays. A multipathing policy of Most Recently Used or Fixed may be set for LUNs on active-active arrays. All FC HBAs must be of the same model.


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