The following major configuration steps for the storage, server and switches necessary for implementing the CLARiiON.
  1. Install Fibre Channel HBAs in all systems
  2. Install EMC CLARiiON LP8000 port driver ( For Emulex) on all system
  3. Connect each host to both switches ( Broace/Cisco/McData)
  4. Connect SP1-A and SP2-A to the first switch
  5. Connect SP1-B and SP2-B to the second switch
  6. Note:- You can use cross SP connection for HA and connect SPA1 and SPB1 to first switch and SPB2 and SPA2 to the second switch.
  7. Install Operating System on windows/solaris/linux/Vmware hosts
  8. Connect all hosts to the Ethernet LAN
  9. Install EMC CLARiiON Agent Configurator/Navisphere Agent on all hosts
  10. Install EMC CLARiiON ATF software on all hosts if you are not using EMC powerpath fail-over software otherwise install supported version EMC Powerpath on all hosts.
  11. Install the Navisphere Manager on one of the NT hosts
  12. Configure Storage Groups using the Navisphere Manager
  13. Assign Storage groups to hosts as dedicated storage/Cluster/Shared Storage
  14. Install cluster software on host.
  15. Test the cluster for node failover
  16. Create Raid Group with protection as application required(raid5,raid1/0 etc)
  17. Bind LUN according to application device layout requirement.
  18. Add LUN to storage Group.
  19. Zone SP port and Host HBA on both switch
  20. Register Host on CLARiiON using Navisphere Manager.
  21. Add all hosts to storage group.
  22. Scan the devices on host.
  23. Label and Format the device on host.


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    i have one another question about host operating system .i have a good knowledge about aix operaing system admin on emc storage, but not other operating systems like solaris,hp unix etc.
    what kind of knowledge (consepts)we need in other operating systems admin, and there lvms to work on emc storage
    we need to learn total admin skills of other operating sytem or only emc storage admin on host operaing skills are enouef
    what kind of host operatings system skill require total admin skills or is there any specific host os admin skills to on for emc storage.

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  15. i have confusion on step 13 to 15, you have not created the LUN and you are trying to test the cluster what will be the share storage, since you create lun after this step ?. am i missing something

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    please keep posting in detail about wwn & wwpn usage and how to identify these numbers!

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