There are two primary ways to reduce power consumption by carefully configuring the storage array itself and by taking advantage of EMC tools. Useful tips that will help to design an efficient DMX-3 array, including:

1) Minimizing DA pairs required.

2) Using more daisy chain storage bays to obtain needed capacity with fewer DA pairs.

3) Fully loading drive enclosures with drives (15) to reduce excess power overhead from cooling, logic, and power supply load efficiency.

4) Fully populating your DA pairs before adding additional pairs.

5) Ordering storage bays in increments of half to fully utilize enclosures.

6) Using larger capacity drives to reduce spindles.

7) Using tiered storage to reduce the number of higher speed drives when requirements allow.

8) Using RAID 5 or other as opposed to RAID 1 full mirroring.

9) Adding incremental storage bays and DA pairs as demand changes.

10) Using shorter loops for high performance drives, longer loops for lower performance drives.

There are other tools and techniques available as well, including:

11) Using Symmetrix Optimizer to balance performance and create opportunities for using larger capacity drives.Using Snaps instead of full volume copies to conserve space and use fewer drives.


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