EMC RecoverPoint

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EMC RecoverPoint is a comprehensive data protection and data replication solution for the entire data center. RecoverPoint provides local replication using continuous data protection (CDP) and remote replication using continuous remote replication (CRR) of the same data. RecoverPoint protects companies from data loss by enabling local recovery from common problems such as server failures, data corruption, software errors, viruses, and end-user errors. RecoverPoint also incorporates remote recovery to protect against catastrophic data loss events that can bring an entire data center to a standstill. Enterprise performance, scalability, and instant recovery are combined to guarantee data consistency with recovery that takes seconds or minutes instead of hours or days.

RecoverPoint offers bi-directional local and remote replication with no distance limitation, guaranteed data consistency, and

advanced bandwidth reduction technology designed to dramatically reduce WAN bandwidth requirements and associated costs.

• End-to-end data protection – continuously protect data locally and remotely

• Any point-in-time recovery - ultimate flexibility in selecting the optimal recovery point using user-specified or application-specific bookmarks.

• Unique bandwidth compression and bi-directional replication, combined with write-order consistency enables application restartability.

• Heterogeneous data protection - one data protection and remote replication solution for CLARiiON, Symmetrix, and third-party arrays.

• Intelligent agents for Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server facilities intelligent protection and recovery, dramatically reducing application recovery time and minimizing or eliminating data loss

• Integration with CLARiiON CX3 array-based splitter to simplify local and remote replication.

• Integration with EMC Connectrix intelligent -fabric solutions using Brocade and Cisco technology.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. What is a clariion splitter exactly....why is all the documentation so vague on this subject, : it simplifies local and remote replication" thats nice, but what is it exactly?

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. It is a free splitter built into every CX3 and above Clariion. It mirrors the writes that are being protected by RecoverPoint and sends a copy of the write to the RecoverPoint Appliance (RPA). The RPA does all of the heavy lifting and is "out-of-band" and what allows you to do all of the features of RecoverPoint from creating point in time bookmarks you can scroll through with instantaneous access to your replica data at any point in time. Very effective for Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery in one very easy to use tool. Have you seen the demo?

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