PowerPath Migration Enabler is a host-based software product that enables other technologies, such as array-based replication and virtualization, to eliminate -application downtime during data migrations or virtualization implementations. PowerPath Migration Enabler allows EMC Open Replicator for Symmetrix and EMC Invista customers to eliminate downtime during data migrations from EMC storage to Symmetrix, and during virtualized deployments to Invista.. PowerPath Migration Enabler—which leverages the same underlying technology as PowerPath—keeps arrays in synch during Open Replicator for Symmetrix data migrations, with minimal impact to host resources. It also enables seamless deployment of Invista virtualized environments by encapsulating (or bringing under its control)

the volumes that will be virtualized. In addition,
EMC PowerPath boasts the following benefits:

PowerPath Migration Enabler with Open Replicator for Symmetrix:
¨ Eliminates planned downtime
¨ Provides flexibility in time to perform migration
PowerPath Migration Enabler with EMC Invista:
¨ Eliminates planned downtime
¨ Eliminates need for data copy and additional storage for data migration
¨ I/O redirection allows Administrators to “preview” deployment without committing to redirection


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