EMC Invista

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Everybody talks about Virtualization like Server Based virtualization, Host Based Virtualization and now EMC launch EMC Invista ( Probably First Network Virtualization product) Product in May, 2005. EMC Invista leverages intelligent SAN switches to deploy network-based, block-level storage virtualization. Invista takes advantage of specialized processing power in intelligent switches to perform I/O redirection at wire speed.
Its revolutionary split-path architecture places the virtualization intelligence in the network, where best applied, and with no impact on server or application performance. As a result, EMC Invista delivers higher application availability, reduced administrative overhead, more effective and efficient use of storage resources, and reduced costs when compared to other solutions using alternative approaches.
EMC Invista provides data migrations, pooling, tiered storage, non-disruptive technology refreshes across heterogeneous arrays, and operational efficiency via centralized and standardized volume management .It lets organizations reduce downtime while increasing data availability, and utilize storage assets efficiently, effectively, and economically.

¨ Enables non-disruptive data migration
¨ Provides dynamic volume mobility, network-based volume management, and heterogeneous point-in-time copies
¨ Employs a split-path architecture that leverages intelligent SAN switches for high performance and data integrity
¨ Integrates with EMC ControlCenter and Replication Manager for enterprise management, and is VMware ESX certified
¨ Supports heterogeneous storage environments
¨ Runs on intelligent switches using Brocade and Cisco technology, leveraging standard APIs.


  1. Good blog about the EMC Invista.
    If possible can you write some thing about the Vault drives in Clariion and symmetrix in your next blog.


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