What is TimeFinder/Clone?

Posted by Diwakar

TimeFinder/Clone creates full-volume copies of production data, allowing you to run simultaneous tasks in parallel on Symmetrix systems. In addition to real-time, nondisruptive backup and restore, TimeFinder/Clone is used to compress the cycle time for such processes as application testing, software development, and loading or updating a data warehouse. This significantly increases efficiency and productivity while maintaining continuous support for the production needs of the enterprise.
¨ Ability to protect Clone BCVs with RAID-5
¨ Create instant Mainframe SNAPs of datasets or logical volumes for OS/390 data, compatible with STK SNAPSHOT for RVA.
¨ Facilitate more rapid testing of new versions of operating systems, data base managers, file systems etc., as well as new applications Load or update data warehouses as needed
¨ Allow pro-active database validation, thus minimizing exposure to faulty applications.
¨ Allows multiple copies to be retained at different checkpoints for lowered RPO and RTO, thus improving service levels.
¨ Can be applied to data volumes across multiple Symmetrix devices using EMC’s unique consistency technology (TimeFinder/Consistency Group option required).


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