RAID 6 Protection

RAID 6 was implemented to provide superior data protection, tolerating up to two drive failures in the same RAID group. Other RAID protection schemes, such as mirroring (RAID 1), RAID S, and RAID 5, protect a system from a single drive failure in a RAID group.
RAID 6 provides this extra level of protection while keeping the same dollar cost per megabyte of usable storage as RAID 5 configurations. Although two parity drives are required for RAID 6, the same ratio of data to parity drives is consistent. For example, a RAID 6 6+2 configuration consists of six data segments and two parity segments. This is equivalent to two sets of a RAID 5 3+1 configuration, which is three data segments and one parity segment, so 6+2 = 2(3+1).


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