We have discussed about CLARiiON. How to create LUN,RAID Group etc. before I shold discuss about adding storage to host. I must discuss about Navisphere Host agent. This is most important service/daemon which runs on host and communicate with CLARiiON. Without Host agent you can not resgister host with storage group automatically. Then if you want register host with Navishere Host agent then you need to register manually.

The Host Agent registers the server’s HBA (host bus adapter) with the attached storage system when the Agent service starts. This action sends the initiator records for each HBA to the storage system. Initiator records are used to control access to storage-system data. The Agent can then retrieve information from the storage system automatically at startup or when requested by Navisphere Manager or CLI. The Host Agent can also:
· Send drive mapping information to the attached CLARiiONstorage systems.
· Monitor storage-system events and can notify personnel by email, page, or modem when any designated event occurs.
· Retrieve LUN WWN (world wide name) and capacity information from Symmetrix storage systems.


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