This is new series of Symmetrix family with many new features a high performance, DMX (Direct Matrix Architecture). I will discuss what DMX Architecture is later.

There are two models in DMX-4 series the DMX-4 and the DMX-4 950. DMX-4 supports full connectivity to open system and mainframe hosts like ESCON and FICON.
The DMX-4 950 represents a lower entry point for DMX technology providing open system connectivity with FICON connection for mainframe hosts.

The DMX-4 is the world’s largest high end storage array, allowing configure from 96 to 2400 drives in a single system. Yes, 2400 drives!! Means you can have peta-byte storage in one box.

Main Features of DMX 4 are:

Mainframe Connectivity
4 Gb/s back-end support
Point to Point connection
SATA II drives support
Support Enginuity 5772 ( Enginuity is the Operating System for DMX)
Improved RAID 5 performance via multiple location RAID XOR calculation
Partial sector read hit improvement
128 TimeFinder/Snap session of the same source volume.
Improvements in TimeFinder/Clone create and terminate times upto 10 times.
For SRDF, synchronous response time improvement up to 33 times.
Avoiding COFW (Copy on First Write) for TimeFinder/Clone target devices.
Symmetrix Virtual LUN
Clone to larger target device
RSA technology integrate called new feature Symmetrix Audit Log.
Improve Power Efficiency
RAID 6 supports
Separate Console to manage Symmetrix Management Console

DMX -4 Performance Feature:

Data Path: - 32-128
Data Bandwidth:- 32-128 GB/s
Message Bandwidth:- 4-6.4 GB/s
Global Memory:- 16-512 GB

DMX-4 Storage Capacity:

DMX-4 offers 73 GB, 146 GB, 300 GB and 400 GB FC Drives
DMX-4 offers 73 GB, 146 GB Flash Drives, 500 GB and 1 TB SATA II disk drives

Storage Protection:

Mirrored (RAID 1) – Not supported with Flash Drives
RAID 10, RAID 1/0 – Not supported with Flash Drives
RAID 5(3+1) or RAID 5(7+1)
Raid 6 (6+2) or RAID 6 (14=2)- Not supported with Flash Drives.


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