Mount EMC BCVs at the same host

I have created a volumegroup, a logical volume, afilesystem and a file on two EMC standard volumes.(For this test you need to have two hdisks hdisk and hdisk andtwo BCVs dev and available)
# mkvg -f -y MyName_vg -s 16 hdisk hdisk
# mklv -y MyName_lv -b n MyName_vg 20
# crfs -v jfs -d MyName_lv -m /MyName_mp -A yes -p rw
# mount /MyName_mp
# lptest > /MyName_mp/lptest.out

For using EMCs TimeFinder I have to create a device group.(AIX is working with volumegroups. EMCs TimeFinder is working withdiskgroups.)With the following command the AIX volumegroup MyName_vg is convertedto the diskgroup MyName_dg)

# symvg vg2dg MyName_vg MyName_dg -dgtype RDF1

For to use TimeFinder I have to associate two BCVs to this devicegroup

# symbcv -g MyName_dg associate dev
# symbcv -g MyName_dg associate dev

Now I have to set the BCVs to the defined-state

# rmbcv -a

Using the establish I mirror all data from the original hdisks to the BCVs (including the PVIDs!)

# symmir -g MyName_dg establish -full -exac

I have to wait until the establish is done

# symmir -g MyName_dg -i 10

Query When the establish is done, I have to unmount my filesystem andvaryoff the volumegroup
# umount /MyName_mp
# varyoffvg MyName_vg

Now I am in the right state to split the BCV copies
# symmir -g MyName_dg split -noprompt

When the split is done, I can varyon my volumegroup and mount myFilesystem

# symmir -g MyName_dg -i 10 query
# varyonvg MyName_vg
# mount /MyName_mp

I configure the BCVs

# mkbcv -a

Now I am able to create a new volumegroup from the BCVs
# recreatevg -y MyName_bcv_vg -Y test -L /bcv hdisk hdisk
# lsvg -l MyName_bcv_vgMyName_bcv_vg:LV NAME TYPE LPs PPs PVs LV STATE MOUNT POINTtestMyName_lv jfs 20 20 1 closed/syncd /bcv/MyName_mptestloglv00 jfslog 1 1 1 closed/syncd N/A

# lspv grep -v None
hdisk0 000039386adb2317 rootvg
hdisk 00003938874658c8 MyName_vg
hdisk 0000393887468473 MyName_vg
hdisk 000039388794adb8 MyName_bcv_vg
hdisk 000039388794b7f5 MyName_bcv_vg


  1. kopparthi Says:
  2. hi Diwaker sir
    if possible can you suggest
    how to mount a iSCSI target on Linux

    Appriciate you

  3. Diwakar Says:
  4. kopparthi,

    thanks for asking query. i wrote abt iSCSI. Hope it will be useful.


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